DTR042 – Soukah – Cats Eyes EP

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Soukah is a German bass producer with roots in deathmetal, gothic and deep dark techno vibes. As he is on a journey of making great 140 beats and experimenting in sounddesign, stumbling into this guy on travels was a true gift. Dubtastic quickly saw the potential in this interesting producer and had its mind set for a future collaboration.
Finally that moment has come, and Dubtastic is proud to present one of its most obscure and experimental 140 releases to date from this man. Dive in to unexplored areas of the dubstep realm and get yourself locked into the unique sound of soukah.
“Cats Eyes” is an EP that flows around dark vibrations and catches a minimal vibe on a layer of severely deep bass.

Cats Eyes (Original Mix)
Cats Eyes is a roller suited for creating that dark, dungeon vibe that we love so dearly. The raw sound and captivating percussive treats are perfect for zoning out into a realm where dance and obscurity align in harmony.

Lynch On Acid (Original Mix)
Lynch On Acid brings exactly the trippy atmosphere the name implies, and treats you with unusual drum work and crazy organic sound textures. Accompanied with a serene vocal and movie effects this tune leaves you floating in a dimension of uncertainty and despair.

A Different View Of Things That Happen (Original Mix)
This is probably the deepest tune on the EP, where the strange string sounds make for an unforgettable sonic experience and the deep monotonic bass sets the basis for a laid-back, trippy mood. The surprising twists will get your mind twisted and your feet itchy.