Rednote - Five Suns EP

DTR041 – Five Suns EP

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Finally Rednote returns to Dubtastic for another crazy release. The Leeds-based bass music producer and DJ had his first appearance on the Dubtastic imprint -late 2013- with his ‘Skeptics EP’. His work blew the minds of several deepness lovers. This time around he makes no exception and delivers 5 tracks, set for a journey of their own, to help people move their feet on the dancefloor. The entire EP is both coherent and exceptionally diverse. It takes influences from world music, dub, reggae, eclectic house and electro music, as well as traditional dubstep. That means there’s a treat for every music lover immersed in these tracks. This connects deeply with the vision of Dubtastic: to spread widespread bass music for the dancefloor .

Hyper Drive (Original Mix)
Hyper Drive starts off with that typical dubstep feel, combining a spacey lead with a 2-step drum pattern. This tune catches you totally off-guard with some hard hitting stabs, a raw dragging saw bass and hollow sounding, punch-to-the-guts bass stabs.

Five Suns (Original Mix)
The drums in Five Suns, combined with an eastern sounding flute, set a very mysterious vibe. The vocal confirms this, giving you the expectation of a mystic and eastern-oriented track. This expectation gets smashed when the track takes on full force. Combining some filthy sounding wobbles and a bassline that will knock the wind right out of you.

Elephant Skank (Original Mix)
Elephant Skank lives up to it’s name, being a true sub bass skanker. Combined with some of the darkest sounding growls I’ve ever heard, this is one of those “eyes down, let the music take you away” experiences.

Dub Champloo (Original Mix)
Dub Champloo sets a nutty vibe, smudged with flute sounds and a highly addictive bassline. Clearly inspired by the dub spirit, it surpasses the fluid hook tones with a set of electronic fuss and crazy well balanced instruments to make you dive into the signature funk sound.

Cosmic Sense (Original Mix) – Bandcamp Freebie
Cosmic Sense is a piece that truly goes all in on the bass design and tight upfront dubstep sounds. This makes for a cosmic experience in secret places. Backed with some world music extravaganza and mysterious vocal and spacey pads, you’ll find it is worthy of its name. This tune will take the dancefloor by surprise.