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Dilemma is a Brighton, UK based producer, DJ and radio host. She started making beats in 2012, after falling in love with bass music and more specifically the liquid side of drum ’n bass. She soon began taking a course in music production, which resulted in great wisdom on how to arrange and mix her own music.
While she is just starting out, she has already received support from Friction, Calibre, DLR and the likes. A debut release on Soul Deep Recordings and a feature on Skankandbass‘ free download series means Dubtastic is more than happy to welcome her to the family of groundbreaking artists. This is only the start of a very promising journey into her endeavours as a producer and DJ.
The EP reads like a liquid fanatics top track list, allowing the listener to dive in and enjoy the highly musical tone and deep vibrations of her refined yet minimalistic approach. Influenced by the likes of Lenzman, SPY, Calibre and LSB, she found a sound to call her own. This sound defines the red wire across the EP.

Insomniac (Original Mix)
Insomniac is an unpredictable yet superbly arranged piece of art that takes the word vibe to a whole new level. You will be surprised by the intensity of this track, while wondering how someone could think such a beautiful arrangement. The fresh and soothing mid-bass is the glue for the carefully selected percussion, the intense yet subtle pads and the bewondering melodies. The occasional reese raises the level of variation even further which makes this track a graceful and mindblowing experience to listen and dance to.

All Over (Original Mix)
All Over surrounds spacey bell sounds with perfectly timed vocals, blending together on a mellow bassline. The use of highly original effects and reeses definitely captures your attention, and holds it. Dilemma’s capability of mixing layers of bass is superb, this track will make the mind of a liquid dance lover float.

Down And Out (Original Mix)
Down And Out is an emotional rollercoaster of soothing soundscapes. A dense and satisfying female vocal, filled with precise effects, guides you through the track. The trumpet elevates the overall flow like a charm, by being used sparely and on the right time. With a bass sound that is again carefully engineered and crisp drums, this track makes for a roller that fits many different occasions.

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