DTR039 - Captivated EP Zygos

DTR039 – Captivated EP

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    Tracks On This EP

    1. Captivated
    2. Exp. 632
    3. Captivated (ARtroniks Remix)
    4. Captivated (Gnischrew Remix)
    5. Exp. 632 (CULT Remix)

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DTR039 - Captivated EP Zygos

Zygos is a Belgian bass producer who started out in 2007, making obscure beats that would shake the ground for a great deal of 140 bpm fans. After astonishing releases on labels like milc, Indigo Movement and more recently a very own 7 inch on Dubbing Sun, Dubtastic teamed up with the badman to deliver an EP that thinks out of the box more than ever. Starting with 2 originals at 130 bpm that are engraved with rich sound and bass design for an elevating aural experience. The idea of including remixes by the likes of Belgian bass boss ARtroniks, newfound duo CULT and Austrian based dub and downtempo genius Gnischrew came quickly. Dubtastic could not be more satisfied with the last two making their debut on the label. The whole EP feels adequately picked and provides a solid basis for the better experimental dub sound that we wish to promote. The included remixes make for a coherent EP that gives new perspective on soundsystem oriented music.

Captivated (Original Mix)
An interesting take on beatmaking backed by dangerous soundscapes that resonate with the allure of the carefully engineered bass sound. Experimental yet funky, deep yet wide.

Exp. 632 (Original Mix)
A clearly techno influenced bassheavy track that draws attention to the carefully picked details and percussive sweets. The atmospheric dark vibes layered with the mind-altering vocal perceptions in this track take you through an experimental journey into the depths of Zygos’ most fierced new sound. Fresh and original yet refined and breathtaking.

Captivated (ARtroniks Remix)
We knew ARtroniks would definitely have an interesting take on this tune. He blew us away with a perplexing tune that takes you on an adventure from start to finish. As always he impresses us with the uncompromised danceability of his work.

Captivated (Gnischrew Remix)
As the Gnischrew sound was fairly new to us, we didn’t know what to expect. Nevertheless did he deliver an extraordinary take on the sound of Captivated, backing it with a precise and enlightening bass arrangement.

Exp. 632 (CULT Remix)
CULT is a fairly new contender in the scene and on the label. But since they already impressed us with their smooth autonomic beats, released on their cloud and the Belgian Rumble label, we felt it an organic decision to ask for a remix. They blew us away with this mindblowing track which takes you through a journey of the most obscure sounddesign and experimental effects backed by their signature autonomic bass sound.

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