DTR038 - 5 Years Of Dubtastic

DTR038 – 5 Years Of Dubtastic

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    Tracks on this EP

    1. Wakepoint – Out Of Exile
    2. Hybliss – Sky Is The Exit
    3. Wakepoint – Late Night Registration
    4. WuduB – Nightvision
    5. FJH – Hydra Pavillion
    6. Digid – Closed Mind
    7. Durandal – New Beginnings
    8. Numo – Wind Up
    9. Kodec – Untitled Dub
    10. ARtroniks – Gateway
    11. Pokus – Hardmode
    12. Rednote – Moodswings
    13. Kai Li – Photons
    14. Red Eyes – Aureola
    15. Lost State – New Dawn
    16. Northern Zone – Changing

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DTR038 - 5 Years Of Dubtastic
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2011, The Ghent-based Dubtastic Records was born out of the chaotic mind of Invid. He started Dubtastic Records because he thought there was a need for an open-minded label that was (and still is) easy to approach. After 37 releases and many labelnights in Belgium he found 2 guys, named Maxime and Corneel, who wanted to join the spiritual Dubtastic Records adventure.
Following this mindset the trio wanted to release a new album, wich is called ‘5 Years Of Dubtastic’.
Their goal was to put the same amount of effort in this release, each with their personal skills.
When they are apart, they are losers. but in this collaboration they are smashing every obstacle on their path!
Dubtastic Records’s philosophy to seek out fresh talent, continues with the ‘5 Years Of Dubtastic’ compilation. The A+R guys have searched for the newest players in the Dubstep and Drum and Bass scene.
This 16-track compilation offers a true international perspective of those genres with producers from America, Belgium, Canada, Norway and the UK.
Tap into ‘5 Years Of Dubtastic’ for originality, obscurity and most crucially the true love for those great genres!

About the tracks

Wakepoint – Out Of Exile
We start off with a nice synth lead, combined with some smooth sounding pads. Once the vocals are added, you can feel the tension in the track rising. A deep kick announces the buildup, which explodes into a really relaxed tune with tons of vibes. This is the tune to listen to on a cool summer night, while you’re drinking some beers around a campfire.

Hybliss – Sky Is The Exit
The great build-up is the ultimate strenght of this tune, after the drop you only feel happiness, especially when you hear the smooth produced kicks. The vocals are the most important, they give the track an enormous boost!

Wakepoint – Late Night Registration
This tune is truly the track for those hot late night evenings with friends. The swinging synth in the beginning followed by the atmospherical kick and bass will shake your most inner parts.
The vocals remind us of that nice lady you see on the side of the road, that you just can’t get out of your head.

WuduB!? – Nightvision
Nightvision starts off with a moody synth lead and some tension-heavy vocals, a high pad in the background accompanies these sounds. The strained vocals announce the drop perfectly and we get hit by a soothing, moving bass with smooth texture changes to give it more of a growling sound. Overall there are very soothing and relaxing soundscapes in this track. Combining these soundscapes with a stomping kick and a gliding bassline, makes this a genuine stepper.

FJH – Hydra Pavillion
Hydra Pavillion starts off with a very natural sounding pad. As we progress, more organic sounding pads are introduced. These organic pads lead up to percussion, a high female voice gives the false sense of a drop. We are introduced to a moving bass and off-beat percussions. The low mids complement the moving bass perfectly, together with the organic pads, they make for an incredible melody. After this beautiful bit, the pads disappear and we get a dark and bass-driven track with low growling sounds, an off-beat kick pattern and a snappy sounding snare.

Digid – Closed Mind
Closed mind starts with a wobbling dark pad, a high synth lead adds more power to the vicious growl. When the hi-hats are introduced, your head automatically starts nodding along. After the drop we are introduced to a not-so-standard kick pattern and a light snare. When the synth lead disappears, a heavy, reverbed snare is added. This gives the track a more typical dubstep feel. The low, growling mids work very well with the high synth lead, which gives this track the feeling like it’s building up forever.

Durandal – New Beginnings
We are introduced to New Beginnings with a pitched female voice, a high synth lead and vibrant percussion. As the intro progresses a more natural sounding female voice is added, which gives room for a booming bass that introduces the drop. With a forward sounding bass, a heavy kick and a punching snare, this one is a real stepper. The female voice and high synth lead carry the track and make the reeses sound even more menacing and dragged out.

Numo – Wind Up
Serious banger, this one. Wind Up starts with a fast paced hi-hat and a frightening pad. The intro evolves to a more melody based synth with percussion that already gives you a glimpse of the feel of the track. This short intro quickly transforms to a punch-to-the-guts drop, featuring a disgusting growl as lead. The spacey pads give this tune a very out-there feeling while also remaining completely forward with the bass, beat and lead.

Kodec – Untitled Dub
Kodec’s Untitled Dub starts with a fear-inducing brass sound, accompanied by a hi-hat. Some of the low growling sounds that complement the melody are already introduced. The brass sound together with a metal sounding pad are the main elements for the buildup. The pad fades to the background and becomes more threatening while leading us through the first part after the drop, then it disappears completely, making the brass sound/low growl combination more prominent. All of this combined with the awesome percussion make this a track you just can’t sit still to.

ARtroniks – Gateway
This fast paced tune is very techno-influenced, with a heavy kick that carries the whole track. It starts off very menacing, with the kick again carrying the whole build up.  After the drop we have these very spaced out low mids that still carry the dubstep timbre but give off a techno vibe. Overall this techno-influenced dubstep track is very danceable with lots of industrial sounds and a very forward style, it is the ultimate life saver for your sets.

Pokus – Hardmode
Pokus’ Hardmode starts off with an imminent synth lead, accompanied by a hard-hitting snare and some spare hi-hats. After a slight buildup, there’s a pounding bass hit that properly introduces the next buildup. On the drop, we are hit by a deep wobbling bass and vile-sounding growls. We march on, hitting a second buildup. On this second drop, we get surprised by a vibe switch, keeping this track interesting and fresh. Overall this track has a very interesting style with some lovely bass-focused parts.

Rednote – Moodswings
Moodswings is an incredible piece of art, featuring unbelievable soundscapes and an absolute gut-wrenching growl. This track starts with some light percussion and a low pitched pad, some heavier percussion gets introduced after that nasty growl breaks the intro. This percussion leads up to a drop that is preceded again by that nasty growl breaking the intro. On the drop a heavy swinging bassline is introduced, together with some unbelievable soundscapes. This track is just full of vibes.

kai li – Photons
This is a special one, this track was made in the 3/4 time signature. We start off with a synth lead giving a very spacey vibe. Next thing you know, you are being treated by some spare percussion sounds in the background, leading up to the hi-hats. These hi-hats make for a quick and effective buildup. The pounding bass on the drop takes you by surprise. The non-conventional time signature makes for a very interesting riddim, that pounding bass being it’s main feature.

Red Eyes – Aureola
That crispy snare in the beginning already foreshadows the beauty that follows. With a smooth bassline, stunning guitar samples and incredible percussion, this is the track you put on after coming home from a long day of work.

Lost State – New Dawn
Into space, this is exactly the description for the intro of this great track. Followed by the sound of smooth kicks and snares, the track also features some smooth vocals. On the drop, you get smashed in the face by the incredible depth of this track.

Northern Zone – Changing
This is the ultimate Drum and Bass piece de resistance on our compilation. The clean kick and snare in the beginning are followed by a dream-y piano lead that guides you into the unbelievable soundscapes, typical for this type of liquid and deep Drum and Bass.
The piano keys in this tune were carefully selected to make an incredible melody complemented by the gliding bassline. What a tune!

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