DTR030 – Skeptics EP

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Skeptics EP is an eclectic dubstep EP by Rednote featuring his finest new productions. This hard-hitter EP takes you away with floating subs, on-point growls and glitches, immersive percussion and mind-blowing effects. Main track Skeptics showcases a chillout vibe combined with incredible subwork, soothing melodies and surprising twists. Back To Basics turns the concept around and provides you with a heavy tune with a dark atmosphere and versatile drumpatterns bringing you the better footwork. Relapse also is an immersive piece of tunage with a perfect balance of synthesis, atmosphere and percussion together with a chilled out vibe. Supported by Dub Mechanics, Occult, Subreachers, ARtroniks, One87 and many more this EP is a great boost for Rednote’s career and an interlude to his best capabilities.

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