DTR023 – Hamartia EP

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11th Hour is back again for some christmas madness! He delivers 5 deep tracks of astonishing sounddesign layered with dark atmospheres and a futuristic drum pattern. He seems to have found his own unique style that embraces a load of influences and sounds. This time he brings his first ever Drum ‘n Bass tune that really sounds like nothing ever made before, and his feedback has been great! Marking a new era of 11th Hour releases this one is definitely a monstrous release that breaks barrier after barrier.

“Excellent all round ep, great use of space, atospherics and percussion”

Bukez Finezt:
“Yes. Weighty EP. Some sweet sublow riddims in here. My fav is Revenant. Gets the subs rolling.”

“a reverbed journey into the deep! me like”ARtroniks:”Very dark & moody EP. Great atmosphere in all tunes. The percussion and sub bass hits you hard. My favourite is “Eru Illuvatar” with the obscure sax sample.”

“Revenant: This one is a dark & deep roller, loving the sounds in the track, it’s haunting. Module: Here are alot of subtle melodies in the track that all fit well together, love it. Eru Illuvatar: The eastern vocal is a nice vocal, gives the track a special vibe that I like”

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