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Subtitled is a young Belgian producer who’s name should be remembered! He enters the scene with a brand new dubstep EP that’s all about the feel-good vibe and the deep basses. Smoke is his most anticipated track with support from Distance, Digid, Perverse, Compa, Matt-U and more. He embeds the original oldskool dubstep feel in it, together with deep basslines and some great percussion works, altogether making it a banger in size! Gettin’ Mad Blunted is his second banger on this EP and Winter Feelings, Regret and Paradoxal Boundaries are the laidback tunes his style is all about. They combine both deep sub vibes and jazzy sounds, perfect records to get chillin’ in the summer and appropriate stuff to lay down on underground parties.


“Big release on your hands here. I like these tunes.”

Code Zero:
“Solid basslines, great atmo’s , dancefloor tunes aswell as great listening tunes. To sum it up this EP has something of everything in it.
‘Gettin’ mad blunted’ is definately something for the dancefloor, it reminds me of the early wobble tunes.
‘Paradoxal Boundries’ is a great piece of music, solid bass and dreamy pads.
‘Regret’ is similar to paradoxal boundries, but with a bit of a reggae influence to it. I’ve always been a sucker for those dubby basslines so this one defo has my approval !
With the tune ‘Smoke’ he brings it back to the dancefloor and heavy! Got the same feel with this one as with ‘gettin’ mad blunted’.
And then finally ‘Winter Feelings’, this has to be my favourite of the EP. Cool percussion work, and although it’s called Winter Feelings this funky tune got me ready for those hot summernights!
Big EP from Subtitled!”

“This EP gives you something of every kind of Dubstep.
You got some dreamy tracks like Winter Feelings and Regret.
And there are some more dancefloor minded tracks like Smoke.
Something for everyone to enjoy.”

“Cool tunes!”

“Nice EP! Big ups to Subtitled!”

“Nice vibes, sweeping melodies and deep dubby basses. Vibes all over. This one is for the real heads.”

“Gettin mad blunted my fav here, all not very much my style but production is guuud”

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