DTR043 – ZiEK – SiCK

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ZiEK is coming to Dubtastic for its debut EP “SiCK”. The Netherlands-based badman has been around for some time making the occasional fuss with some eclectic beats with a truly distinct sound. Thinking the world is ready for the dancefloor encounters of his sound, Dubtastic takes the leap to present you this twisted EP full of ‘SiCK’ beats that will make heads spin and feet turn. An impeccable first collection of broken notes and authentic sound design worthy of the big speakers is now ready for your crowd. Supported by The Widdler, mastered by Busted Fingerz.

The Anger (Original Mix)
As the name implies, this tune features the most nasty, angry and obscure sound design smudged with a head-spinning knack of a snare. Not only did it make us outrageous, we couldn’t keep our feet from spinning 360° which hurts a lot. Very very angry to put this out but let’s say, mission accomplished.

wRain (Original Mix)
This track is sure to give ravers a false clue of the bouncy drop that comes after an outrageously dark and grimey intro. The atmospherics float nicely over the well placed beats and bassline and delivers the best of both funk and dark garage in a mindboggling ensemble that is sure to make heads turn and spray an awkward yet intense vibe to the floor.

Back In (Original Mix)
Robots, aliens and Indiana Jones are well featured in this deep dungeon banger with a sense of adventure. The intensely rolling beats and bassline accomodated with an attention-drawing synth that takes the forefront on well-timed occasions and with the right amount of fixture in the mix are sure to put a serene bassface on your crowd. We cannot be held responsible for face-muscular accidents though! – rinse at own risk –

The Out Fire (Original Mix)
The Out Fire is the ideal tool for pleasing crowds looking for that smokey, obscure vibe that u would need in underground bassment gatherings. Treat it with a sense of serenity and give the tune its space for this one will leave no true deep seeker unmoved.