Podcast 004 – Corrupted

Corrupted isn’t a newbie in the Belgian bass scene anymore. Due to his tremendous afro skills and self-originated music style he conquered the scene by force past 2-3 years.

After his very praised productions like his remix of Tekvision’s ‘Jazz Liberator’ and his monstrous single ‘Sluggin Thug’ (Halogen Music – Minus One LP) and his Christmas Breaks VIP edit he continues to refine his sound in a straightforward fashion which also reflects in his DJ sets and music taste.
He inspires through experimental, hiphop and various styles of bass music to form his own take on drum ‘n bass and intelligent dance music all the like.

A full fledged concept-aware artist is the result, and we couldn’t do anything other than support this.
Dive into his sound of freedom:

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